Patent Application

Patent Application

2 Oceans Patent Application

Conceptualizing, designing and planning for the execution of brand-new technology comes with a lot of excitement. There’s also a lot of paperwork. As part of our effort to protect our intellectual property and ensure we have the right to see solar power satellites through to market in the best way possible, we chose to file a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Technology and Technique to Prevent, Diminish or Interfere with the Formation of Hurricanes on Earth from One or More Platforms in Space

This patent discusses numerous aspects of SPS, including:

  • The science behind storm formation
  • The amount and type of power needed to disrupt a tropical depression
  • The creation of Earth-based solar energy
  • Other applications including disruption of over-land thunderstorms and, in turn, tornadoes
  • Illustrations demonstrating several relevant concepts including the making of a storm, the proposed method of use for microwave energy, and a drawing representing the collection of solar energy and subsequent conversion
  • A much more detailed description of Bruce Morton’s solar power satellite hurricane-disruption system including calculations, estimations and a general cost analysis

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